Syndigo & DAM

Syndigo & DAM Documentation Process

Download from Syndigo - "Asset File", Same Template yes, Asset Template "GS1 template and group by Gs1 Code

Asset Template Name Convnetion "Gs1 Name"


Not to download product content

Download email to user who will upload

You will receive a zip


Batch Upoload to DAM "Reatail -> Sydigo Marketplace" No subfolders

Activity -> "Syndigo Tilda BAtch Upload"

Select Brand "Tilda"

Secutiry Policy 33 39

Template "Consumer Unit Template"

Consumer Unit Group

MEta Data

BRand Name Tilda

Cat Type - Image

Product Cat - Rice

Sub or category category = Brand Elements

Agency = Syndigo

Tags - Short Description of activity name and date"

Hybris Item Ref, leave empty for massive upload

SAP Finished and SAP Material Number - two 00

Auto Assesment tabular group remove two rows leave one

Then Finish uload


Then go to folder select all pages

Last Step is to copy to brand agency library


Important is that you can find by UPC

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